Aerial Film & Video below 400 feet......


Aerial Solutions for Indie Productions since 2008


FAA licensed & Insured

Aerial images for Indie Productions.

We add Production Value to your project.
CineAerial is your flying camera solution
for aerial establishing shots, b-roll or plates.


What we do



like way high crane moves up to 400 feet.

Do a crane,

Establishing shots

Or drop into the shot from a establishing shot.



Long smooth moves at a fixed height at variable speed

Think follow a person / runner / car.

Wild pullouts, like start at a closeup of a couple in a window toasting, then slowly pull away from the window.. and keep pulling away.


Up and Over..

Moving forward, up and over a object.

Use to follow something or pop over a hedge to reveal something.

CUSTOM moves
YES for sure.   We love to fly,  Lets talk.


Camera Operator Friendly.

Think about us as a trick tripod, we drive, you frame.  we can point the camera for you, but we are setup to give you a live video from the camera and a stick to drive the camera yourself, keep your DP happy.


What can we lift.?

We fly DJI Inspire 1pro and Inspire2 X5s
Additionally we are setup to lift Panasonic GH4
Generally we expect you to bring your GH, we will plug it in, and give you a live video feed so you can see what is going on and help frame the shot.

The DJI inspire2 is capable of capturing 4K cineDNG
drag-n-drop into your editing project with easy grading.


Why your GH4?

Because it is the camera you know, it is YOUR colors and it will match the rest of your project.

To be perfectly honest, most aerial shots can be done with a GoPro Hero4, we prefer shooting the Hero4 in the 2.7k cine protunes mode, which have enough extra rez that you can do a little roll or re-framing in post if needed.
We also offer Customized GoPro4 with 5.4 or 7mm lenses.

One of our favorite tool is the Novo GoPro with interchangeable lenses.


Keeping it safe...

lets be smart, but we really don't like flying over

un-informed crowds.

When flying a aircraft, rule of thumb is to always have a place to ditch.  we should not fly a camera a place where it is not possible to do a emergency landing. so lets talk together about the shots you envision for the project, so we can make sure nobody gets hurt, and you love the result.


Mailing address
4619 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90004

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